Education – mental health workshops

Informative workshop series

Crosstown Family Health Team offers a number of educational services and events to help ensure your health.

Multiple session workshops

Four Weekly, 2 Hour Sessions – Mondays, June 4, 11, 18, 25, 2018

5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

  • Does anxious and depressive thinking interrupt your enjoyment of life?
  • What beliefs or negative thinking keep your anxiety & depression alive?
  • Learn to work with more adaptive core beliefs and assumptions
  • Experience Mindfulness and Relaxation exercises to apply in daily life

Three Sessions, TBA

  • Does perfectionism impact your thoughts and behaviors
  • Learn connection between perfectionism & anxiety, depression & anger
  • Learn approaches to address perfectionism/ anxiety
    o Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Approaches (CBT)
    o Mindfulness
    o Behavioral Approaches
    o Problem Solving

Two Sessions, 1.5 hours each

  • Myths about assertiveness, passiveness, aggressiveness – self assessment
  • What assertiveness is and is NOT
  • What beliefs stop you from communicating assertively & how to change that
  • How healthy assertiveness can help reframe anxiety and depression
  • How to recognize assertiveness in self and others
  • How to think and behave more assertively – Role play and practice

Form a healthy relationship with food and learn what mindful intuitive eating can look like for you! Learn techniques to cope with emotions without using food and reduce your emotional eating!


June 11, 18, 25, July 2, 9 from 6pm-730pm


Call reception to book at (416)-242-2850

Build Resilience in Stressful Times

(Mondays 6:00 – 7:30 P.M.  Sept. 14, 21, 28 Oct. 5, 2020)

The various challenges caused by COVID-19 have resulted in uncertainty and emotional distress for most of us.  If you are a Crosstown FHT patient, you can join our 4 week online interactive group called, “Build Resilience in Stressful Times”.   The group will be based on Psychologist, Dr. Nagasawa’s helpful on-line writing, “Tolerance for Uncertainty: A COVID-19 Workbook.”

This is an opportunity to strengthen skills that help alleviate and better manage stress and anxiety in our daily lives during COVID-19 and ongoing.

  1. How to better understand and cope with uncomfortable emotions
  2. How to develop emotion regulation skills
  3. How to work with and also improve emotional distress
  4. How to shift recurring negative patterns towards healthy coping 
  5. How to use mindfulness and self compassion to increase resilience

This FREE program is offered to all Crosstown Family Health Team patients by Registered Social Worker, Karen Kennedy.    Spots are limited, so call our front desk at 416-242-2850 to book your spot today.    

Single session workshops

One Session, 1.5 hours, TBA

  • What causes stress in your life?
  • How do you respond to it?
  • Constructive vs destructive coping approaches
  • Stress reduction approaches that positively impact health issues such as diabetes, smoking cessation, cardiac issues etc.
  • Relaxation practice session

One Session, 2 Hours, TBA

  • Is Depression a part of normal aging? Myth Busting.
  • Is depression often overlooked in older adults?
  • Recognizing Depression, and or Early Dementia?
  • Self-care tips for yourself or someone you care about
  • Help and where to find it.