Crosstown Family Health Team

Take a look at our new Build Resilience in Stressful Times Group and Mindful Eating Workshop!

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Open July 1, Canada Day from 7AM -11AM


Do you have a health concern you need addressed during the pandemic? No problem! Please call us and we will be happy to assist you by telephone or virtual consultation.


For your safety, do not come to the clinic unless invited by your physician.


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A family health team is a group of doctors and other health professionals who work together with the goal of providing comprehensive medical care.

As a rostered patient of this family health team, you have access not only to your family doctor, but to a nurse, dietician, pharmacist, physiotherapist and social worker.

You may be referred to the dietitian, pharmacist, physiotherapist or social worker based on your needs.

We use education and self-management strategies to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Our goal is to provide you with excellent care, and keep you and your entire family feeling your best.

Contact us to enroll.

If you’ve already enrolled, sign up for our free online messaging portal, HealthMyself. You can use this portal to communicate with the clinic in a private, secure, convenient fashion. Let us know what your email address is and you will receive an invitation shortly.