Education: registered nurse workshops

Informative, fun sessions

Crosstown Family Health Team offers a number of educational services and events to help ensure your health.

Registered Nurse workshops

Our team offers the following workshops run by our Registered Nurse. In the past, these have been delivered in community settings in accordance with our outreach efforts that aim to enhance population health.

Moving forward, they can be regularly delivered to rostered patients depending on our assessment of health needs.

Falls are one of the most serious injuries for older adults that can lead to emergency room visits, decreased mobility and independence, and in severe cases, deaths. This workshop provides older adults with information that aims to prevent falling in the future such as proper nutrition, regular physical activity to enhance balance and coordination, medication safety, and home safety tips.

In collaboration with the staff social worker and registered dietitian, this workshop is delivered to rostered patients living with diabetes. Patients will be provided with education regarding diabetic pathophysiology, lifestyle changes, and medication management.

School-aged kids and adolescents often have a difficult time coping with stress, low self-esteem, and handling adversity in the form of negative thoughts or bullying. This workshop works with school-aged kids and adolescents to discuss coping strategies for stress, enhancing self-esteem, and resolving conflicts with bullies, friends, and parents.

Research shows that developing health literacy starts at a young age. An interest in reading that is cultivated early has shown to increase academic success and skills navigating the health system. This workshop is delivered to school-aged kids to promote reading engagement, motivation, and confidence.